Hustling in the Outer Rim

A captain, his ship, and his crew. What more could you want in the galaxy?

Trying to stay alive and get his cargo delivered on time seems to be a real grind for Cormax, captain of the cargo ship Stormspike. Bouncing around in the Outer Rim, Cormax has found himself in the KD System, mostly taking jobs from Capitol City on KD Prime. Due to some recent attempted bombings on his ship, Cormax has gathered a rather unlikely crew of grifters and misfits.

As time has progressed, Governor Cormax now has a crew running shipping operations on the Stormspike while he manages a burgeoning colony on KD-913.

The ship and the crew with their legitimate Imperial aliases have found success in anti-piracy campaigns. But they've made some new enemies along the way, the Hutts being the least of their concerns. 

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